Research suggests that the rest of the country may be ready for recycled waste water as well it sounds appetizing right? Experts say it is the way of the future and in a blind taste test, consumers actually preferred the taste: there’s nothing like a crisp, cold, bottle of water to quench your thirst what if you were drinking recycled waste water.

So wouldn’t you be surprised to hear that in a blind test test the two types of H2O performed exactly the same? Researchers found recycled waste water just as pleasing to the pallet scoring the same as bottled water and beating out mineral rich groundwater study authorizes say women preferred bottled water two to one compared to men point to go higher disgust reactions overall the data suggests we all need to lower our disgust levels around where our water comes from water is water

An environmental engineering profession Drexel university says recycled waste water is perfectly safe when treated and managed properly he says it’s time to embrace it since water will increasingly become a scarce resource just like we recycle paper and plastic and metal, we should get used to recycling water you’re reusing it and purifying it and making it into something impregnable again we’re very fortunate we have access to clean water and not everyone does